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Le Salon
Literary Discussions

 This is better than a book club. 

Le Salon Literary Discussions bridges the gap between the typical book club and the interesting information from a literature class. By combining a friendly atmosphere with interesting research, historical context, and critical questions, I help readers dive deeper into the books they love. 

The tradition of the salon, which began during the French Enlightenment, is all about coming together in conversation—facilitated by a host—to critique and analyze written works. 

Here you'll find resources for book lovers who want to engage with great literature.

Le Salon's logo an open book and wifi signal.
A computer is open to a Zoom with Marisa smiling.
  • Up to 90 minutes of book-focussed discussion on great literature.

  • Facilitated by an A+ English Literature MA—you get well research background context and thought-provoking questions.

  • Connect monthly with book lovers from around the world.

A close up of a hand holding a glass of red wine with an open book.
  • Instantly download a guide to host your next book club.

  • Helps you host a book club with background context on the novel, the author's biography, and specific in-depth book club questions.

A book, the Old English Baron, lays flat on a gold frame.

  • A closer look at authors, novels, literary theories and criticism.

  • Recipes for literary-themed cocktails.

  • Reviews of book-to-movie or TV adaptations, literary travel spots, and anything else book nerd.


Ever been to a book club that didn’t even discuss the book?

Yeah, me too.

Hi, I'm Marisa.

Founder of Le Salon Literary Discussions, English literature MA, and bibliophile.

It all started with a love of reading... and grew into a need to talk and connect with others about what I was reading. 


Like many of you I have been a voracious reader since I was a child. I kept trying different book clubs, but often I was the only one reading the book and the discussion was lacking. I thought:


"There has to be a way to bridge the intelligent discussion of the classroom with the friendliness of a book club. "


And Le Salon Literary Discussions was created—a welcoming place for avid readers from around the world. 

Marisa smiles at the camera wearing a Frankenstein sweatshirt.
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