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  • How does a virtual literary salon work?
    On the first of the month tickets become available on Eventbright for that months’ book (you can see the current book schedule here). At least 24 hours in advance of the virtual salon start time you will receive an email from your host with login information for a private Zoom call. Zoom is a free software that can be downloaded here. At the appointed time simply click the link in your invitation email, launching Zoom, and input the password. After the virtual salon you will receive a feedback questionnaire. Then we’ll look forward to hosting you again next month!
  • What technology do I need to attend a virtual salon?
    Minimal technology is needed to participate in a virtual salon. Tickets for a virtual salon can be bought through Eventbright. Virtual salon discussions use Zoom video conferencing software. You will need to download Zoom—it’s free!—and then just click the invitation link at the time the salon should start.
  • How many participants are there in a virtual salon?
    Currently, participation is limited to 12 individuals plus the host. The goal of the literary salon is to encourage enlightened discussion among those present, this is easier to do with an intimate number.
  • How long does a virtual salon last?
    It will depend on the flow of conversation, however up to 90 minutes will be the maximum. While there will be plenty of material to debate but we also want to respect everyone’s time. However, it is encouraged to continue any discussion online, for example on the supporting blog posts on Further Reading or with the host by email. We are looking at more ways for discussion to take place!
  • Why do the virtual salon’s focus on classic literature?
    Le Salon Literary Discussions wants to bring enlightened discussion back to book clubs. Read a novel in high school but feel like your criticism is more rounded now? Work a job that doesn’t give you the intellectual stimulation you felt in college? Always the only one who finished the novel for your current book club? Join our virtual salon! Bonus: the classic literature up for discussion may already be sitting on your bookshelf, cheaply picked up in a used bookstore, or borrowed from a friend. If contemporary literature is more your thing, check out the Le Salon at home discussion guides!
  • How is a literary salon different than a book club?
    Le Salon Literary Discussions is not only created and run by a bookworm; I also hold a Master’s degree in English literature (you can read my full bio here). Graduating with the highest distinctions and a published author, I aim to bridge the gap between academia and the typical book club by applying a seminar approach to the literary salon and bringing you interesting research, author information, and multi-layered questions. This is not a book club.
  • What if I don’t finish the book before the salon?
    Still attend! You will have to be prepared for spoilers, but the discussion might spur your interest in finishing the novel.
  • What if I can’t attend a virtual salon?
    We have also created discussion guides for you to host a Salon at home! Each guide focusses on contemporary fiction and includes in-depth discussion questions, author biographical information, menu ideas, and recommended further reading. If the timing of the virtual salons doesn’t work with your schedules, please send an email to the host. We are always looking at how we can expand virtual salons to accommodate more people!
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