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25 Books to Help with your Lockdown Wanderlust

Usually with the flip of the calendar to the New Year, we all begin looking ahead, planning for new adventures. But this year is so different. Booking a flight, planning weekend getaways, mapping out a road trip all remain elusive as we don't yet know when or how travel will be possible again.


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My city, like many, is still in lockdown in order to bring down the number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Vaccines are being shipped out, but aren't trickling down as fast as I think we all had hoped. I know I am finding lockdown during the coldest and darkest part of the year difficult, and I am sure many of you are as well.

As I daydream of travel, and often play the "where-will-you-go-when-you-can-travel" game with friends and family by text message, I started to think about all the engrossing novels I have read with rich, descriptive settings—and this blog post idea was born.

Here is a list of books to read when you want to experience a new place, but travel isn't an option. From murder mystery to satire, nonfiction to paranormal fantasy; I've hyperlinked the titles below so you can plan your next "trip"!


United States

UK and Europe


Other Countries

Happy travels!

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