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4 Common Questions About Our Virtual Literary Salons

Every month we host a virtual literary salon on a classic novelbut this isn't another book club! Read on to find out how our salons are bringing in-depth discussions back to literary gatherings.

1. How is a virtual literary salon different from a book club?

a) Research: I put my English Literature MA to good use! I begin every discussion by presenting historical, biographical, and academic information specific to the novel so you can get a better understanding of the work and its author.

b) Focus: I then go on to facilitate the discussion using key themes and in-depth questions to get more out of the book. This gives the discussion a flow; enough focus to stay on topic, with the freedom to follow ideas brought up by the group!

c) Convenience: I take out all the stress and annoyance of planning a book meeting on your own. I set up all the tech, have a consistent date and time, and do all the research. You just have to click the link when it's time to meet!

2. Will I be totally lost if I didn't study literature at school?

Not at all! I am a big believer that academic ideas should be presented in plain language (that's why I use my blog to decode academic research). Any terms or ideas that might come up are explained to make sure everyone is on the same page (pun intended!). It is also always a very friendly atmosphere, so asking questions is absolutely encouraged!

3. I'm nervous to speak in front of others. Is it ok if I don't say too much?

Of course; it is completely up to you how much or little you want to say! I completely understand, that each person has a different level of comfort when meeting new people. It is my job to make sure everyone has the space to speak if they want to, but I fully respect that some people are more interested in listening.

4. What if I don't finish the book in time for the discussion?

Still attend! Let's be real: day-to-day life can get in the way of reading. It's usual to have participants attend without having finished the book.

You will have to be prepared for spoilers, but the dission might spur your interest in finishing the novel (and may even change how you've been interpreting the novel so far!).

Still have more questions? You can read the full list of frequently asked questions here.


Although, the best way to answer all the questions you might have is to attend a virtual literary salon. 😉 Sign up for our email list and get 40% off your first virtual literary salon ticket!


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