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Further Reading: Getting Closer to the Literature you Love!

Welcome to the blog! This area of the website will include all kinds of literary, critical, and reading-adjacent content. Specifically, I will be posting about books or articles that relate to that month’s virtual salon novel, including author biographies, in-depth examination of historical context, or critical analysis. This content will add to your reading experience by expanding your understanding of the primary text and point you in the right direction to deep dive into a particular author or novel.

But it won’t be all content dressed up in academic tweed (although I am a sucker for houndstooth)!

A stack of books are piled up on a table.

You can also expect in this space:

  • reviews of book-to-TV or movie adaptations;

  • novel-inspired cocktail recipes;

  • interesting literary swag from around the web;

  • bibliotourism: a look at literary locations around the world; and,

  • any other literary nerd stuff we may come across!

Le Salon is bringing enlightened discussion to your living room.

This isn’t just another book club.

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