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Gifts for Readers That Aren't Books!

Sure, a gift card to a favourite book shop is great, but what else can you buy the reader in your life this holiday season? Here are a few gift ideas for readers that aren’t found between covers:

For the reader who wants more reading time:

For the reader who likes luxury:

  • A page weight, as knows as a book weight, allows for hands-free reading. This beautiful one from Leatherology comes in eight different colours.

  • From moody pillars to beeswax tapers, East City Candles has several gorgeous pieces to light up your reading nook (make sure to check out their Chamberstick candle holder that is sure to please a classic lit nerd!).

  • Enjoy a tipple with your page turner? Dillon’s offers a dozen cocktail kits that are sure to have you shaking, straining, and sipping in no time.

    • This distillery doesn’t deliver to your intended? Build your own kit: pick out a cocktail recipe and then package mini bottles of alcohol and any accessories with a printed copy of the recipe.

For the reader who likes comfort:

  • Alicja Confections offers a chocolate subscription, The Confection Club, that mails a chocolate postcard directly to you every month—no need to leave the house!

  • Reading socks? That’s so 2018. Up your comfy footwear game with a pair of fancy slippers: fuzzy with a pompom or faux fur up to the ankle.

  • I cannot recommend Tealish tea blends enough! I know Lemon Meringue and Almond Cookie will be two I sip all winter long (you can even use code LESALONREADS15 for 15% off your purchase).

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